Beginner's Guide For beginners on the FW-Diamond


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This guide serves as an introduction to the first steps taken on the Forsaken World: Diamond, as well as a guide for a comfortable start.
The information is intended both for experienced players with experience in playing PvP-oriented projects, and for beginners.

The player's acquaintance will begin with the choice and creation of a character
The player has 7 different races to choose from, including 10 unique classes.


Have you made a choice? Excellent! Your adventure begins.

Get the necessary starting items through prayer.


How to get Lv110 on our server?
Step 1. Pray!
Step 2. Get the book "The Legend of Eyrda"
Step 3. Enjoy Lv110 🎆

In the Starting Location you will be met by 2 NPCs:


Torris Olgen will give you a starting quest after which you will be given unique emotions.

Tired of doing dull chains of quests for Nyos' Vice / Dyos' Virtue and Awakening from time to time?
From Hellen, you can immediately take necessary quests and immediately receive both Nyos' Vice / Dyos' Virtue, Awakening and a relic!
She also has essentials, Arena equipment, Lv85 Instance Equipment, Gold quality Necklace, Rings, Hands and Boots - and all this is Lv85!


In the God Gift Box, you can find the necessary items that will definitely help you at the start!


Don't forget to check out Eyrda Boutique, in addition to donating the currency - Eyrda Leaves, here you can spend
Soul Leaves on the necessary things, especially at the start of the game.

Ready to plunge into an unforgettable odyssey?
Nightfall Citadel will prepare for this.

Teleport to the current capital of Eyrda World - Nightfall Citadel. We need a main square.

2022-06-16 18-36-24 copy.jpg

The NPCs needed to enhance and upgrade equipment are here:

2022-06-16 18-44-37 copy.jpg

Samil will help you improve your equipment: Fortify, Re-Identify, Transfer, Augment, Upgrade, etc.,
while Jane Morningstar will Embed, Combine and Extract the necessary gems.

Half the job is done. What now?
At the choice of the player, I propose to study several necessary and useful jobs in the future.
16 Job Points are given from the start!
Rosemason Hall is here:

2022-06-16 18-44-37 cowpy.jpg

The Alchemy Tutor will help you learn a profession to craft resistance improvement stones (Fusion Gems).

2022-06-16 18-44-37 copfy.jpg

A little more about Fusion Gems.
You need to get resources for them for Gold Coins from Reward Envoy.
Among other things, they can be exchanged for Battlefield Points.


We carry the received items to the bridge near the Mercury Union.
Whitney exchanges Gem Tokens for all the things necessary for crafting.

2022-06-16 18-44-d37 copy.jpg

An alternative way to get resistance stones is Battlefield points.

You will also need accessories. The job is improving by Galen Starlight.

2022-06-16в 18-44-37 copy.jpg

Where to get resources for leveling professions? You need a Timmy.

2022-06-16 18-44-c37 copy.jpg

When you learn the skill of stuffing your inventory by trying to get the right stats on an accessory and spending Gold Coins
on Fusion Gems, let's move on to equally important things.

You can also buy skills from Hellen in the main square, but Anima is worth buying from Klass Rour for Soul Coins.



In addition to enhances and gems, we need more stats for damage. Let's go learn Mastery and Resistance!
Hugh Sutherland in the Hall of Glory will gladly provide an opportunity to level up Mastery and Resistance after completing the quest "Broken Barriers".

2022-06-16 18-44-37s copy.jpg

Now in the character window, in the Mastery/Resistance tab, the upgrade function is available to you.
Attention! Up to Lv80 all Mastery and Resistance are free, further, up to Lv100 Gold Coins is required.


Soul Power are mined in the Training Grounds. The entrance to the location is through NPC Kylie opposite the Nightfall Trackstone.

2022-06-16 18-44-37 copdy.jpg

The mobs here are very easy and give 10 million Soul Power. We advise you to leveling Soul Power right here.

The next step is - Runes
They can be bought and crafted from Josselyn in the Mercury Union.

2022-06-16 1s8-44-37 copy.jpg

I will note about getting points necessary for learning awakening skills.

Every day, Henry issues a "Challenge!" quest. You receive a quest, form a team in RCIE, complete an Instance. Complete the quest and get well-deserved points.
Attention! The quest will fail if it is not completed by 23:59 every day, and it will also be unavailable for getting AFTER 23:00. Try to take it on time!
Don't like the concept of PvE? For the battlegrounds: Heart of Ice and Fire, Frostgale Fjord and Ancient Ruins, you can get awakening points.

After your character is ready, you will wonder - what's next?
On our server Random Challenge Instance (Advanced & Expert) will provide the player with the necessary farm of the most necessary items:
Gold Coins (Chains of Kluer)
War God Points
Seraphic Flux

Scrolls of Re-Identify
Soulleaf Giftpack
and other necessary things!
Form a team, apply in the Instance window and go! After completing the Instance, you will receive a well-deserved reward.


Do not like farming in a team and prefer to get fame in splendid isolation?
Aeon Spire - an alternative way to earn gold coins.
Aaron is at the Mercury Union exit. In a team of two, he will let you into the dungeon, where from the first boss - Kluer, you can get Chains of Kluer, which you can sell to any merchant NPC and get gold coins from this.


An obligatory stage in leveling a character is leveling the gods. After persistent and difficult farming, you will have enough materials to exchange for items. Look for them in the exchanger at Otis Horkennan on the square.
To exchange, you will need War God Poins / Regent / Hell Points.

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This concludes the starter guide. Thank you for reading and we wish you success and good luck in the vast world of Diamond!